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There are times when we encounter issues with our electronic equipment and we are not sure if it is our unit or some other factor influencing the behaviour. We may wait for it to occur again or we may call the manufacture or then again ignore it. We have compiled a list of issues that have occasionally occurred and hope that this list may guide you to a clearer understanding of what is happening. It may same you time and money.


I seem to have lost a couple of digital channels, I can get all channels except channels 9 and 10?

It is extremely rare to get some digital channels and not others where the digital tuner is faulty. Firstly, select the channel that is faulty and check the signal strength, most models will have a signal strength meter displayed as a bar, with red indicating no signal, orange as being poor and green as being a strong signal. Poor or no signal will result in your picture breaking up into squares or no picture at all respectively. Another method is switching to analogue and checking the quality of the picture. The worse the picture the more likely there will be picture break up or none at all when in the digital mode. If this is the case you will need to check your antenna or cabling.


My rear projection TV has blue dots all over the screen or the whites have gone yellow?

If your unit is an LCD rear projection television it is more than likely the blue LCD in the optical block has failed and not the lamp. This will have to be repaired by a qualified television engineer.


My screen on my LCD/LED television has lines and or dark patches on it?

It is more that likely the LCD/LED panel has failed. This will have to be repaired by a qualified television engineer.


I can smell a burning smell coming from my unit?

Immediately remove power from the unit and call your Authorised Service Centre.


I cannot do anything with my unit. It wont respond to the remote or wont turn on?

In some cases a simple fix can be to remove the power from the unit by unplugging the power from the wall and then after a while plug it back in. We have many an instance where our customers say the unit has died, won’t work or respond to the remote or on/off switch, but when left unplugged (espically when the unit is brought in) for a while and then when it is plugged back in to the power supply it will work as normal.


What cables will give me the best possible picture with my Blu-ray player?

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is a single cable digital connection which carries component video and surround sound signals in a digital format. This cable can also carry commands back from the television to the source which is know as Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). CEC allows HDMI devices to control each other when necessary and allows the customer to operate multiple devices with one remote control. See “BRAVIA” Sync with “Control with HDMI” link


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